The Vertical Tank “way of life”

Here at the Vertical Tank family we strive for a safe and healthy way of life in order to produce a long lasting product, which is backed by an unrelenting service effort. This is accomplished by utilizing our greatest assets, our incredible staff.

Vertical Tank is the leading provider of vertical, steel, portable storage rental tanks strengthened by our 40 years of servicing the oil and gas industry throughout the various sectors. In addition we also provide traditional, horizontal portable storage rental tanks. We are based out of Bakersfield, California spanning across the nation with a continued emphasis in growth. We will accomplish this by following the Vertical Tank “way¬†of life” . Our way is one of hard work, team work, safety, strategic operational and financial planning and keeping all of our stakeholders interests close at heart.

We run a 24/7 operation to ensure that your operations aren’t held up. All of our equipment is thoroughly inspected prior to being sent to any job. We specialize in providing vertical steel cone bottom and slope bottom rental tanks. Due to the minimal bottom surface area and the sloped/cone style floors you’ll have a better process and circulation efficiency as well as very little cleaning efforts. We designed our tanks to provide reliable storage and process capabilities while eliminating the short comings of traditional horizontal storage tanks. Please refer to our “Products” page to get more detail on what we provide. If you are interested in more information feel free to contact us.

Vertical Tank is paving the way for the next best thing in portable storage rental tanks. We embody the meaning of operational excellence and will go the extra distance to ensure our customer is 100% satisfied. For your next job go Vertical and Don’t take your tank lying down!