Total Process Solutions

Total Process Solutions provides a number of products and services to the Industrial, Municipal and Agricultural business sectors. The product portfolio comprises a variety of pumps, compressor, valves and instrumentation. TPS is a sales and service expert for a wide array of pumps and compressors ranging from vertical turbine pumps to progressive cavity to centrifugal to piston and screw compressors as well as vacuum compressors.

Total Process Solutions services offered range from instrumentation techs, to oil & gas operators, to electricians, to pump/compressor and valve mechanics. We can meet all instrumentations needs in the industry, and provide experienced process control specialists who can trouble shoot and service various types of process instruments and/or control loops. We are looking to be a well rounded company and provide a number services to be a one stop shop company. Contact us to see if we can help provide a solution to your dilemmas.

Total Process Solutions is committed to providing a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly work atmosphere for its customers, vendors, employees and all other stakeholders. Our vision, built on a foundation of strong values, is to lead the way in our service industry in providing excellent workmanship, reliable products and an overall positive experience to ensure a long lasting and viable business model


1245 James Rd.
Bakersfield, Ca 93308
Office: 661-829-7910

Eddie Rice – President
Cell: 661-706-3317

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